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Professional mediation support for your business

Here is how I can help

I know how it feels to be faced with conflict in the workplace and not have the time or support to be guided towards a resolution.  Why not allow me to: 

  • Increase your productivity, enabling you to focus on your key priorities

  • Enhance your career by eliminating work conflict which in turn will enhance your reputation as a problem solver, improve team morale and retain staff

  • Guide you in the face of conflict to resolution. I can provide you with the full mediation service and/or coach newly trained/less experienced managers and offer co-mediation with feedback. I have your back

My Services

Dependant on your business needs, you may opt for one of the following mediation services options

External mediation

Outsourcing is the perfect solution for SME businesses or within larger organisations to run alongside an in-house mediation service. After all, there are times when impartiality or workload may be challenged. The external mediation approach is gaining currency with human resources departments bolstered, by the knowledge that the alternatives can result in resignations, recruitment costs, or potential legal bills. External mediation is more effective in preserving internal relationships. Ultimately, when trust is lost, productivity drops, and business costs go up

Coaching for in-house mediators

Training HR professionals/managers in-house in mediation is growing in popularity, proving to be a cost-effective solution, while investing in employees' personal development. Potential challenges may present themselves due to infrequent opportunities to practice mediation skills, loss of confidence, and a fear of conflict.  I offer a very personal coaching service, providing refresher training in the mediation process, as well as a complete cycle of mediation support which includes co-mediation

Post mediation coaching

In the aftermath of the mediation process, there are times when post mediation coaching is extremely beneficial in managing any adverse reactions. Post mediation coaching provides support and guidance towards making agreed behavioral adjustments. Agreement plans can slowly slide away once everyday work pressures come into play. I offer conflict coaching as value-added assistance to disputants, working with any unresolved emotions, and providing guidance in strengthening communication and relationships

The first step is super easy, contact me for a scheduled call and free consultation, whatever the dispute. I will talk you through the process, answer any questions you may have, help you decide if mediation or coaching is the right route to take, and discuss a competitive fee structure with you.


Together, let’s establish a way forward to eliminate conflict so that you can focus on your key priorities.

Other mediation services

Qualified mediator for commercial, civil and community services

Whilst I have chosen to specialise in workplace mediation, I am fully qualified to mediate within the sectors above. The mediation style, skills, and process differ from workplace mediation and are more likely to be focussed around a financial settlement. Disputes are varied and can include any of the following;

  • Neighbour disputes

  • Vandalism

  • Unsocial behaviour

  • Building disputes

  • Landlord & tenancy disputes

  • Debt recovery

  • Financial settlement to disputes with professionals such as solicitors accountants

  • Multi-million-pound civil contract disputes

Other services
    Conflict in the workplace is diverse and can spring up anywhere. Commonly, the conflict arises between:- Employees/teams/departments Managers and employees Senior executives Sub-contractors and suppliers Within family run businesses
    I offer in person mediation services throughout the UK as well as virtually via online mediation. In our ever-changing world, this method has also proven to be very effective
    Mediation can be offered at any stage of a dispute however, to reduce stress and time, convening earlier is almost always the better option
    You should allow a full day for most mediation cases. There are times that a resolution can be reached in less time however, I recommend allowing a full day for best practice. Workplace mediation is also supported by pre-mediation briefing meetings and a follow up review
    Due to the complexities of the different types of mediation, I will discuss fees at the consultation stage, enabling me to offer a bespoke and competitive fee structure. I also offer significant discounts for charities and not for profit organisations

Fairness: Impartial and just treatment or behaviour without favouritism or discrimination

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