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Introducing Vanessa Reed

A passion for mediation, ready to listen

Have you ever been involved in or been a spectator of a dispute that has been neglected and left unresolved? Did the dispute result in something far bigger, destructive, and damaging for all parties? At that point, did you find yourself wondering...How did we end up here? That is exactly how I have felt and I wish I knew then what I know now....the power of mediation.


My decision to train in mediation was borne out of a burning sense of fairness and a desire to help others, aligning with a passion for the need to be heard. I believe that every business should invest in human currency to be successful. 

Skills & Qualifications

I am an accredited Workplace Mediator (ADR group trained), Commercial & Civil Mediator, and have a CTP in training and coaching. My broad experience stretches over 25 years of managing teams, training, coaching, recruitment and running a business, providing me with a perfect platform to offer qualified services in mediation and coaching.

My Home Ground

I live on the south coast, where I can be seen early most mornings walking along the beautiful coastline, mentally preparing myself for my day ahead, (I couldn’t resist posting one of the daily shots of my neighbourhood).


I am happy to travel to mediate and also offer online mediation which has been proven to work equally successfully in this ever-changing world, whatever works best.


Working on a freelance basis enables me to offer a competitive, flexible fee structure as well as a discounted fee for any charity or non-profit organisation. I believe mediation has become a vital service for both businesses and individuals in so many different situations.


"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
Albert Einstein

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