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Taking the grief out of grievance, mediation works 

Allow VR Mediation to eliminate workplace conflict, giving you the time to focus on key priorities

Qualified Workplace Mediator

Vanessa Reed is a qualified mediator in civil, community and workplace mediation and a CMC Registered Mediator. Due to her extensive background in management and training, she specialises in workplace mediation alongside, conflict coaching, mentoring and training. Vanessa is based on the south coast of England and is excellently placed to offer mediation in London and southern England, while also offering online mediation services for the whole of the UK. 

Mediation saves time, money and stress

•    Offers impartiality - outsourcing mediation to a qualified Mediator offers you expertise, total impartiality and confidentiality
•    Saves time – ‘nipping conflict in the bud’, mediation is a time-saving process and offers total flexibility. Mediation can begin at any stage of a dispute
•    Saves money- mediation reduces the risk of stress-related absenteeism, resignations, high costs of recruitment, or even potential large legal bills
•    Improves productivity - the art of mediation helps to cultivate a more harmonious, happy working environment, which in turn improves productivity
•    95% success rate – reported by the CMC (Civil Mediation Council)

The cost of unresolved conflict

ACAS research found that the total cost of conflict to UK employers is £28.5 Billion

Research has found that conflict, on average, took between 20-40 hours of management time to resolve (CEDR Data)

The same research estimated the cost of conflict to be as much as the equivalent of 3-5% of a business' annual turnover

Vanessa was reassuring from the very beginning of the process, explaining clearly what would happen on the day.  She helped each of us to share our point of view, to identify where there was common ground and put in place a mediation agreement which gives us a way forward.  I am very grateful for Vanessa’s time and professional approach. 

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